The Home Theater Show

The Home Theater Show Episode #34

Swanny reviews “Taken” on Blu-ray. Whatever you do, don’t let your 17 year old daughter go to Paris with her friend!!!


The Home Theater Show Episode #31

Swanny reviews Frost Nixon on Blu-ray. Richard Nixon was a maniac!

Australia” on DVD and Blu-ray Sucks!

Swanny reviews “Australia”. Save yourself 2:45 min of pure torture, don’t see this film!

The Home Theater Show Episode #23

wanny shows you how to beat the Netflix system and get DVD’s and Blu-ray’s delivered to your house the day after they are released.

The Home Theater Show Episode #14

New on Blue Ray this week…It’s kid and chick movie week: Madagascar Escape 2 Africa, Space Buddies, Rent and Yentle.

Get out of the house! Hit your cineplex and see Taken, starring Liam Neeson a fast paced action packed thriller filmed in Paris.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think after you see Taken.

The Home Theater Show Episode #12

OK, so you want to upgrade your Home Theater, but you’re broke like the rest of us. Swanny has an idea…

Hit the garage sales, thrift shops, eBay and Craig’s List and find some old tower speakers for cheap!

Leave a comment and tell us about your killer finds for your Home Theater.

Home Theater Show Episode #10

In episode 10, Swanny shows you how changes in independent film distribution will change your life!

Hint, your Home Theater is going to be the new art house theater.

The Home Theater Show Episode #5

Blue Ray Disc players are getting cheap! $199.99 cheap!

Home Theater TV Episode #2

Swanny uncovers secrets the Home Theater contractors don’t want you to know.


The Home Theater Show Episode #1

Swanny delivers a broad brush overview of what to expect on Home Theater TV.

Building a Home Theater?